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Collect data in a responsible way and thereby improving your marketing and sales.

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The URL shortener that knows what works


Collect insights responsibly

We want organizations to be able to collect valuable consumer insights responsibly and safely.


Map each channel

We offer users the opportunity to measure data on all marketing and sales channels from which you normally get little to no insights.


Use smart links and QR codes

With Sub.Link you generate smart measurable links and QR codes that can be fully customizable to your wishes. You can share this via all possible channels.


Solutions with pricing models starting for startups al the way up to enterprise.







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Gain important insights that will improve your marketing and sales


Branded links and QR codes

Sub.Link also is a URL shortener and QR code generator in one.


Generate customer insight

Compare the click data of your marketing and sales channels and optimize your campaigns. Support your decisions with the help of our click and scan data.


Data for beginners and experts.

Get started with the basic click and scan data or integrate Sub.Link within your own system using our API.

What can you use Sub.Link for?


View the click behavior to and from channels that share little or no data

Think of social media, review platforms, app stores and chatbots.

Improve tracking by adding an extra measurement layer

Think of email and advertising campaigns.

Map conversions from offline channels using QR codes

Think of a QR code on cards, print media and products.

Perform A/B testing on any channel of your choice

Support assumptions with click and scan data.


The power of measurable QR codes

With the use of our QR code generator you can connect offline customer activity with online and measure it. Shorten the funnel of your customers and gather more insights that leads to better data-driven decision making.

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Measure performance

Get quick overview from your dashboards on your links and QR codes performance. Analyze and make data-driven decisions.

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