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Get insights in hidden parts of the customer journey by adding measurable links and QR codes throughout all of your marketing channels

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Branded links and QR codes

Sub.Link also is an URL shortener and QR code generator in one. Create Branded links with a suitable call-to-action, which you get to change on the go!


Generate customer insight.

With these new measurable branded links also comes a lot of possibilities.
Be able to measure cross-channel and look at where your customers are coming from.


Tracking and monitoring

Create an inventory of customer touchpoints and collect information on customer behaviour.
Be able to make data driven decisions which can lead to better conversions.

GDPR compliant

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Why Sub.Link?


No set-up needed! Just one click away.


Easy-to-understand intuitive interface


Easy-to-integrate API for developers


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Not an ordinary link shortener

We improve your customer experience and strenghten your brand's position by offering the best way to shorten URL links - by creating branded links with clear call-to-actions. Branded links receive more engagement in comparison to generic URL shorteners. As a result, your brand gets more recognizable and reputable.

Sub.Link helps to identify and measure customer touchpoints. We strive to measure every way the customer may interact with your brand,
so you can track what is working and where more efforts are needed


Power of measurable QR codes

With the use of our QR code generator you can connect offline customer activity with online and measure it.
Shorten the funnel of your customers and gather more insights that leads to better data-driven decision making.


Measure performance

Get quick overview from your dashboards on your links and QR codes performance. Analyze and make data-driven decisions.

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