Improve your digital presence with Sub.Link URL shortener and QR code builder
Measure customer engagement to your marketing efforts at every touchpoint.

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Sub.Link URL shortener and QR code builder

Place your brand name on every link you share and add/combine it with a suitable call-to action. Choose from a list of 75+ call-to-actions. Create more engagement compared to generic URL shorteners. Get higher reputation and recognizability.


Power of measurable QR codes

With the use of our QR code generator you can connect offline customer activity with online and measure it.
Shorten the funnel of your customers and gather more insights that leads to better data-driven decision making.


Capture important insights

With Sub.Link you can even measure clicks from all of the platforms you're using. Discover the impact of tracking links with your own brand name on it to increase CTR.

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Measure performance

Get an overview from your Sub.Link dashboards on the performance of your links and QR codes. Analyze and make data driven decisions.

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Respect your customers' privacy

With such a powerful tool also comes responsibility. That's the reason why we will always process the information we gather according to the GDPR.

Developer friendly API

Our API is easily integratable with other tools and vice versa.

Advanced Features

Link Management

QR codes
Editable destination QR
Bulk link creation
Custom URL slugs
Quick redirects
75+ Call to Actions
Custom domains
Editable destination URLS
Link expiration
Customizable tags


Clicks per day/month/year
GDPR privacy
Browser analytics
Device analytics
Location analytics


Email support
Account management
API integration
Personal guidance